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Select the Travis Application and then scroll down to the bottom to select the Open source plan. Click Install it for free. If you already installed it before for other projects, it will be impossible to install. Just skip to the next step! Visit the repositories page on Travis and click the Settings button on the repository where your code is stored. Ensure the Build pushed branches is turned. Travis CI is a cloud-based CI server where you can add repositories hosted on other servers (apart from GitHub and BitBucket) as sub-modules. Travis CI can be used for free if the source code is public. Travis CI has built-in plugins for popular cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc RIPS can be easily integrated into Travis CI as a quality gate to notify the developers about new security issues in their code. Block Critical Vulnerabilities. A custom threshold of detected vulnerabilities by RIPS can act as a security gate that will fail the build of insecure branches. Deploy Secure Application

So, to make Travis work, you need to add a simple .travis.yml configuration file to the project's root folder and push it to GitHub. GitHub integration is as simple as one-two-click, and there is a sample of the Android config which is already obsolete, so you have to update it. The first thing you need to know about Travis is that it doesn't build Android in the MacOS environment at the. This video covers how you can leverage TravisCI for creating a continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline using Github projects. Github link for.. Just fill the search bar with cicd; you will find the repository: cicd-applied-to-spring-boot-java-app among the results: Select the repository and click on Clone : GitHub Desktop is cloning. Travis CI. Travis CI is a CI service used to build and test projects. Travis CI automatically detects new commits made and pushed to a GitHub repository. And after every new code commit, Travis CI will build the project and run tests accordingly. The tool provides support for many build configurations and languages like Node, PHP, Python, Java, Perl, and so on. Travis CI key features: Quick.

GitHub Actions is one of the most powerful tools that you can use if you are storing our code on this service repository. The idea is simple, you can design a complex workflow using automated. You can configure Travis to automatically run CI tasks like unit tests and push your code to a hosting platform like Heroku every time you push new changes to a branch. Examples of CICD in Real. Deploying to GitHub Pages uses git push --force to overwrite the history on the target branch, so make sure you only deploy to a branch used for that specific purpose, such as gh-pages.It is possible to disable this force push behavior by setting keep_history option to true.. Travis CI can deploy your static files to GitHub Pages after a successful build

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Sök jobb relaterade till Travis cicd eller anlita på världens största frilansmarknad med fler än 18 milj. jobb. Det är gratis att anmäla sig och lägga bud på jobb Configure Travis CI parameters. Add the Travis file (.travis.yml) to the root directory of the repository to set the programming language used, determine the infrastructure that your environment is running on, and other parameters. A complete list of environments and operating systems is available in the Travis CI documentation [cicd-buzz] $ git add app.py [cicd-buzz] $ git add requirements.txt [cicd-buzz] $ git commit -m Step 6 [cicd-buzz] $ git push And enjoy watching Travis CI and Better Code Hub picking up this push Getting started. GitLab CI/CD is configured by a file called .gitlab-ci.yml placed at the repository's root. This file creates a pipeline, which runs for changes to the code in the repository.Pipelines consist of one or more stages that run in order and can each contain one or more jobs that run in parallel

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Travis CI supports your way of shipping, integrating tightly with GitHub to give you the best possible shipping experience. Live and breathe Continuous Delivery. Build Stages give you full control to structure your build for continuous delivery. Test and deploy anywhere. Updating staging or production as soon as your tests pass has never been easier! Heroku, GitHub Releases, AWS CodeDeploy and. Get the best continuous integration and delivery platform for Linux, macOS, and Android, in the cloud or self-hosted This post, How to build a CI/CD pipeline for Serverless apps with Travis CI, was first published on the Seed blog. Seed is a fully managed CI/CD pipeline for Serverless Framework applications.. In one of our previous posts we looked at how to build a CI/CD pipeline for Serverless apps on AWS with CircleCI.Today, we'll look at how to do the same with Travis CI

Travis only runs builds on the commits you push after you've added a .travis.yml file. Check the build status page to see if your build passes or fails according to the return status of the build command by visiting Travis CI and selecting your repository. To get started with Travis CI using GitLab # This section documents the new GitLab option that is currently in beta. Go to Travis-ci.com. Create the CI test script such as .travis.yml or .cirrus.yml in your repository root. Shard your script to run on both Linux and macOS platforms. Remember to specify a dependency on Xcode for macOS (for example osx_image: xcode9.2). See fastlane CI documentation for CI specific setup. During the setup phase, depending on the platform, make sure that: Bundler is available using gem install. $0, Free CICD and Web hosting integration. Travis-ci + Github.page. Originally published by Peter Chang on August 17th 2018 4,685 reads @peterchang_82818Peter Chang. cicd pipeline development No budget doesn't mean no CI/CD, setup CI-CD just within few click and cost $0. Outside of work, I like doing side projects to try out new tech and build something fun. The quality of side projects is.

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Continuous Delivery with Travis CI and AppEngine Make sure all new App Engine code is automatically tested for errors using this solution for continuous integration with Jenkins and Travis CI. Quickstart. Using Jenkins for Distributed Builds on Compute Engine Create a Jenkins continuous integration system to run your builds using on-demand Jenkins agents in Compute Engine.. CircleCI vs Travis CI vs Jenkins. Now, when the process of continuous integration is clear (I hope so) we can move to the comparison of some of the most popular CI platforms nowadays. Each of those has its pros and cons. Let's start with CircleCI. CircleCI. Features : CircleCI is a cloud-based system — no dedicated server required, and you do not need to administrate it. However, it also. Travis CI Enterprise Our on-premises product is perfect for companies who want to keep using the same features of Travis CI with additional on-site security needs. Travis CI Enterprise allows you to scale build infrastructure up and down based on demand. Whether you have 10 or 1000 developers using it, you'll benefit from our experience.

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William B. Travis Elementary is looking for parents, businesses, and community volunteers to be part of our PTO. If you are interested, please visit with Ms. Flores/ Principal or call (956) 289-2354. Read More Reasons Why. Facts & Numbers. 100% Graduation Rate; 100% Graduation Rate; 100% Graduation Rate; 100% Graduation Rate; 100% Graduation Rate; Events. Show All Events. Gallery. CATCH. CATCH. Travis CI will then check out the relevant branch and run the commands specified in .travis.yml, which usually build the software and run any automated tests. When that process has completed, Travis notifies the developer(s) in the way it has been configured to do so. Although the Travis CI source is technically free software and available piecemeal on GitHub under permissive licenses, the. Travis. @travisci. Travis CI is a CI platform that automates the process of software testing and deployment of applications. It's built as a platform that integrates with your GitHub projects so that you can start testing your code on the fly. With customers like Facebook, Mozilla, Twitter, Heroku, and others, it's one of the leading continuous integration tools on the market. Key Features. Welcome to my Home Assistant config docs. Here I have documented any important aspect of my Home Assistant Configuration. Everything is free to use both commersially or open source (MIT)

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  1. Travis CI. 1 comment. share. save hide report. 33% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by . best. best top new controversial old q&a. level 1 [deleted] 2 points · 1 year ago. Anything special you want to show? More posts from the cicd community. Continue browsing in r/cicd. r/cicd. 479. Members. 5. Online. This is a sub for Engineers.
  2. Travis CI is the best choice If you are working in an open source project. Tool Type: It is an open-source free to use the tool. It is a commercial CI Tool : Usage : Easy to use : Flexible to use : Github: Good for Github : Excellent for Github : Support: Extensive support from the community. Limited support for the community. Pros: Customization is biggest benefit of the Jenkins CI server.
  3. This is a hands-on deep dive into the coding of various assets in an end-to-end DevOps workflow. Examples are modified from Rob van der Leek's Apr 9, 2017 Medium article and buzz phrase generator in his cicd-buzz open-source repo.. Here we first work backwards, leveraging the outcome of Robert's work (to make sure that it's not vaporware ;)
  4. Let's talk CICD. Tip: Find application errors and performance problems instantly with Stackify Retrace. Troubleshooting and optimizing your code is easy with integrated errors, logs and code level performance insights. Continuous Integration. Let me start by quoting ThoughtWorks' definition for CI: Continuous Integration (CI) is a development practice that requires developers to integrate.
  5. Aujourd'hui si vous voulez mettre en place une CI/CD sur GitHub il vous faut linker vos dépôts avec Travis-ci, Circle-ci, Codeship Mais savez-vous que GitLab intègre une solution de CI/CD ? C'est l'objet de l'article d'aujourd'hui. Dans cet article je vais juste vous présenter les possibilités que vous offre GitLab CI/CD. Mais pour aller plus loin je vous propose.
  6. Containers. Containers are encapsulated environments that include an operating system, libraries, and software. For example, if you have a host machine running Centos, you can run an isolated container with Ubuntu 18.04
  7. [disclaimer: I am a co-founder of snap-ci and think it is the bee's knees- but I also happen to think that circleci is the cat's whiskers] Some people have recommended it already - but SnapCI (https://snap-ci.com) is a great alternative to Travis..

Travis CI. If your builds produce code that needs to be tested on Windows boxes, then Travis CI offers you a single stop. The company has offered MacOS and Linux options for some time but has just. CI/CD with Stackery & Travis CI; Invoking Functions on Deploy; Using a Mono-Repo with Stackery; Deploying Nested Stacks; Using Existing Resources; Working with Existing VPCs; Sharing a Custom API Domain; Existing CloudFormation Architecture Visualization; Customizable Cloud Resource Definitions; Tutorials . Deploy a Frontend for the Quickstart; DynamoDB to SES Tutorial; React Single Page App. Customize tasks. Runtime attributes can be specified in one of two ways: Within a task you can specify runtime attributes to customize the environment for the call This presentation covers the anatomy of a production CICD pipeline that is used to develop and deploy the cancer research application Oncoscape (https://oncosc Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising

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On the popular Travis CI service for open-source, only 58.64% of CI jobs execute tests. This continuous application of quality control aims to improve the quality of software, and to reduce the time taken to deliver it, by replacing the traditional practice of applying quality control after completing all development. This is very similar to the original idea of integrating more frequently to. Travis' main advantage comes from being the first to market. It is therefore widespread and popular, often being the first choice of CI newcomers. With this comes its comprehensive documentation and a lot of community support, the value of which should never be underestimated. CircleCI Setup. CircleCI also manages the project's build process using a YAML file committed to the same. xcode - you - travis cicd . Travis CI가 코드 서명 오류로 인해 빌드에 실패 함 (4) .travis.yml : language: objective-c osx_image: xcode7.2 script: - xctool -workspace XXX.xcworkspace -scheme XXX -sdk iphonesimulator ONLY_ACTIVE_ARCH=NO - xctool test -workspace XXX.xcworkspace -scheme XXXTests -sdk iphonesimulator ONLY_ACTIVE_ARCH=NO before_script: - chmod a+x ./scripts/add-key.sh. In this project, you will learn how to set up a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline on AWS. A pipeline helps you automate steps in your software delivery process, such as initiating automatic builds and then deploying to Amazon EC2 instances

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Travis CI. Travis is one of the most popular CI tools used by the open source community, so we've chosen to use it for this Linux build example. The first step to using Travis is to create an account and sign in. To simplify things, you can use your GitHub account to sign in, which will make your repositories available to and buildable with. Continuous Integration with Cypress webinar covering TeamCity, Travis and CircleCI setups, slides. Test and debug faster with the Cypress Dashboard. See the exact point of failure of tests running in CI; Supercharge test times by running tests in parallel; Get instant test failure alerts via Slack or GitHub; Learn more . Test Retries Parallelization. Last updated: 10-05-2020. What you'll. Travis, CircleCI, and the like, moved the process to the cloud and based themselves on auto-discovery and, mostly YML, configurations that reside in the same repository as the code that should be moved through the pipeline. The idea was good and provided quite a refreshment. Instead of defining your jobs in a centralized location, those tools would inspect your code and act depending on the.

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  1. To begin with, Docker is supported by a majority of the build systems like Jenkins, Bamboo, Travis, etc. So how it works typically is that each project has a Docker file checked into its code repository along with the rest of the code for the application. The Docker file as we learned before, has instructions on building the Docker image. Once checked-in to GitHub, Jenkins pulls the code, uses.
  2. GitHub Actions now includes built-in CI/CD. Easily automate how you build, test, and deploy your projects on any platform, including Linux, macOS, and Windows
  3. Most of the access and permissions required by our CICD plateform (Travis) are managed by tokens that are created on each of the required services (SonarCloud, DockerHub, GitHub). A technical user account (opfabtech) has been created for each of these services so that these tokens are not linked to the account of any member of the team. 1.1. CICD Pipeline. 1.1.1. GitHub. Work in progress. 1.1.

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  1. Running Kubernetes with Travis CI on Minikube; Gitlab: How to Create CI/CD Pipeline with Auto Deploy to Kubernetes using Gitlab and Helm. CD Tools. This group contains tools that do only one thing -- primarily Continuous Delivery to Kubernetes. With these tools you can choose the CI system that you want, and the container registry, while the CD portion will be taken of care of the rest. Tools.
  2. Continuous integration/delivery is, fundamentally, concerned with modeling your software off a pipeline. If you're reading this, you are likely aware of the plethora of tools designed to tackle this challenge. When we set out to create Stackery, we didn't see a case for adding our name to that list when there were already useful tools we could integrate with instead
  3. s. Incomplete. Create Your Connected App ~40

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Nonetheless, Travis-CI is a very nice, free for open source, CI system. Changes pushed to GitHub automatically trigger a build in both Linux and MacOS: Using the Greentube.Messaging Travis-CI configuration file as an example: .travis.yml Firstly note that mono is set to none since I'm building with dotnet here. Since tests run CoreCLR, only .NET Core SDK is required. I'm bulding the specific. Looks like, just a few weeks after acquiring Travis CI, Idera is putting the axe to a good portion of the workforce. 233 comments. share. save hide report. 99% Upvoted. This thread is archived . New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. View discussions in 2 other communities. level 1. Comment deleted by user 1 year ago. level 2. Original Poster 76 points · 1 year. When you add this, Travis-CI will automatically see this and execute whatever pipeline you define within it: ## .travis.yml language: go sudo: false go: - 1.8 - 1.9 - 1.10 - 1.11 - tip Now, with everything on the travis side setup, we can move on to triggering our pipeline and adding more functionality to it. Right now it doesn't do an awful lot, so let's change that! Step 2. Travis CI runs both macOS and Linux jobs in a build matrix, where you specify a combination of runtime, environment, and exclusions/inclusions to cover your build combinations for your app. For more information, see the Customizing the Build article in the Travis CI documentation. The MSBuild-based tools include the LTS (1.0.x) and Current (1.1.x) runtimes in the package; so by installing the. Appdome-DEV makes it easy to integrate mobile app security into existing continuous integration and continuous delivery systems such as Jenkins, Travis and more. Scale up and accelerate Android & iOS mobile app security projects. Perfect for 1, 10, 100 or 1000s of mobile apps, simultaneously

* mise en place de cicd via travis * automatisation de déploiement des images docker sur Aws Fargate via le cicd * mise en place d'authentification SSO avec le service AWS Cognito * mise en place de documentation des APIs via swagger * Modelisation des données * gestion de projet et pilotage et revue de code des développements front/back Technos: PHP, Progressives web... Contexte : Lead. Travis CI branch build flow and pull request build flow with GitHub. Backup of the recent build. Whenever you run a new build, Travis CI clones your GitHub repository into a new virtual environment. This way you always have a backup. Main weaknesses. No CD. Unlike other CI tools on the list, Travis CI doesn't allow for continuous delivery. GitHub-only hosting. Since Travis only offers. Additionally, there are cloud services that work closely with Kubernetes and provide CI/CD pipelines like CircleCI and Travis, so it's equally helpful if you don't plan to have hosted CI/CD platforms. Let's see how we can get our hands dirty installing JenkinsX on a Kubernetes Cluster. How to Install Jenkins on Kubernetes . Note that installing JenkinsX on a public Kubernetes provider is.

Run pipeline on Travis $ fledge beta This will build your app, upload to both store consoles and release to beta testers. Release to users $ fledge release This will release the app to users. Documentation. As with any mobile app, there are several one-time setup tasks (most of which you have to do anyway even without a CICD tool) travis ci. Pipeline information is stored in a YAML document along with the source code of the project. Travis CI has a very high uptime. Travis CI is available in software as a service as well as a version that can be hosted in a private server. Software as a service version of Travis CI is available for free only for deploying Open source. The Travis CI CLI will not send the GitHub password to Travis CI, instead it will send it to GitHub and use it to generate a GitHub token (the same is true for travis ). However, if you still feel uncomfortable, you can configure the deployment manually. Add the following to your .travis.yml: deploy: provider: releases api_key: GITHUB OAUTH TOKEN file: FILE TO UPLOAD skip_cleanup. Travis-CI is a CI system that's pretty simple to set up quickly and efficiently. It's completely free for open-source projects, which makes it a quick win for CI in your OSS Node.js applications. When building out my awesome-hyper list, I ended up landing on Travis CI with some CI/CD automation tooling (see Danger further down in the article) to ensure that commits didn't have broken.

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  1. CICD stresses on frequent and small commits of code to the main stream and eventually to the higher environments too which makes changes easy to adapt rather than an evolution overnight. CICD has pipeline to perform automated builds and tests. Issues could be found out almost immediately because only working/clean code which is tested thoroughly would be promoted to higher environments
  2. nodejsscan is a static security code scanner for Node.js applications
  3. Tagged with react, travis, heroku, continuousdeploy. In this tutorial I'll show you how to set up professional development process with help of continuous deployment. Skip to content. Log in Create account DEV is a community of 453,510 amazing developers.

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Travis CI is a hosted continuous integration tool used to build and test software projects. Travis CI Enterprise is the version of the tool for on-premise product, in case you are focussed on a more secure environment. Travis CI follows the YAML syntax and has easy configurations. Travis requires no dedicated servers and provides the option to run tests on Linux and Mac OS X at the same time. Continuous Integration is built-in to GitLab. Continuous Integration (CI) works to integrate code provided by your team in a shared repository. Developers share the new code in a Merge (Pull) Request. The request triggers a pipeline to build, test, and validate the new code prior to merging the changes within your repository No one is going to buy Let's Encrypt. Consider if that model would work for CICD as a service. Start a non-profit, round up the talent, fire up the infrastructure, provision a Stripe account, and build something better. Let's Encrypt secures the web for $3 million/year. Crunchbase and Glassdoor mention Travis CI had ~$1-1.5 million/year in revenue cicd 1 posts in this category Using Travis CI for Continuous Delivery Mar 27, 2018 cicd For almost two years, I've been using GitHub Pages to host my blog. This tool handles a lot of things for you behind the scene: it builds your site and deploys it to a web server. GitHub implements this as a great example of continuous delivery, the marriage of continuous integration with continuous. Travis CI was my first experience with a Software as a Service (SaaS) CI system, and it's pretty awesome. The pipelines are stored as YAML with your source code, and it integrates seamlessly with tools like GitHub. I don't remember the last time a pipeline failed because of Travis CI or the integration—Travis CI has a very high uptime. Not only can it be used as SaaS, but it also has a.

cicd talks workshops Sep 12 Testing Jenkins 2.249.1 on Windows This article describes our observations during Windows testing of the Jenkins 2.249.1 release candidate. Upgrade testing Jenkins 2.249.1 is a new long term support release with user interface improvements and changes in Windows support. It is the first long term support release to drop support for Microsoft.NET framework 2.0. The. Easy continuous integration and delivery for Haskell, with Travis, Docker and Digitalocean. Dev Log Yannick Gladow. Home. About. Tags. Linkedin. Github. 21 January, 2020 haskell | ci/cd | docker | travis | digitalocean Deploying Haskell: Painless CI/CD with Travis, Docker and Digitalocean (or any linux VM) Disclaimer: I am using stack to develop my Haskell projects, if you are using cabal. Travis. Travis is a CI tool that you can use to trigger a set of commands after you've pushed code to your GitHub repo. It does not come with out-of-the-box support for Kubernetes. Many people have forged their own pipelines with Travis CI, but it relies on connecting a pile of scripts together. And since in this type of pipeline, the.

Azure is a world-class cloud for hosting virtual machines running Windows or Linux. Whether you use ASP.NET, Java, Node.js, or PHP to develop applications, you'll need a continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline to push changes to these virtual machines automatically I have new developers to onboard. Regardless of an organization's size, onboarding new developers and getting them up to speed as quickly as possible remains a distinct challenge. Using Docker Desktop and Docker Compose, you can significantly reduce local development environment setup times and quickly onboard your developers so they can be productive right away Continuous delivery is a hot buzz-word in todays software world. Finding the right CI tool to fit your needs is not always easy. Travis CI might not provide you with a fancy UI or be as powerful as Jenkins, but it's one of the simpler pipelines to setup, supports a lot of different languages and supports deployment to a variety of different services

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Outils du CICD - Comparaison Le terme CICD est vaste et sa mise en œuvre est difficile en raison des options disponibles en tant que source ouverte ainsi que de produits sous licence. Nous essayons ici d'explorer les fonctionnalités des outils de CI et certaines des fonctionnalités à prendre en compte lors de la mis There are three things to note here: Fist of all, AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY are set to reference the path at which they're on SecretHub. Furthermore, the command in the before_script section installs the SecretHub CLI. The CLI will be used later to provision the secrets. Alternatively, you can include the installation in the docker image on which the job runs, to save one. Travis Travis CI is used to automatically build and test the code of the Cat.ly application. A travis.yml file is created to define the build and test specifications of the Cat.ly application. This file is added in the GitHub repository containing the application's code, which is then linked to Travis CI. Before you learn the steps for implementing CI/CD in the Cat.ly application, you will.

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  1. This is where Travis CI comes in. As a continuous integration platform, Travis CI supports your development process by automatically building and testing code changes, providing immediate feedback on the success of the change. Travis CI can also automate other parts of your development process by managing deployments and notifications. Prerequisites. To start using Travis CI, make sure you.
  2. Ensure that all your new code is fully covered, and see coverage trends emerge. Works with any CI service. Always free for open source. COVERALLS
  3. GitHub Gist: star and fork tparveen's gists by creating an account on GitHub
  4. Travis CI is a hosted continuous integration and delivery service. RIPS can be easily integrated into Travis CI as a quality gate to notify developers about new security issues in their code. Read on. CircleCI. CircleCI is a continuous integration and delivery platform that runs each build in a clean Docker container for testing. You can seamlessly integrate RIPS by adding our ready-to-use.

Setting up Travis-CI. Leverage Travis-CI for automatic build and integration. Key Aspects. Connect to merge events in GitHub. Create .travis.yaml; Use travis-ci.com instead of travis-ci.org; CrossCompilation of arm32v7. Deplo Nous travaillons avec Travis, mais on peut surement faire la même chose avec CircleCI, CodeShip ou équivalent. Maintenant qu'AWS a enfin annoncé au re:Invent 2016 un véritable outil de build, il faudra voir ce que ça donne et peut-être migrer dessus. Et voilà comment Osones gère son blog. Nous n'avons absolument rien à manager, tout.

Travis CI. Travis CI was probably the first hosted CI solution, and offers an on-premise version as well. It has a tight integration with Github, making it easier to get started. Travis builds are configured by adding build tasks to the .travis.yml file. It supports a large variety of languages and integrates with numerous other build tools and deployment targets. Like the other tools featured. Introduction. Containerization is quickly becoming the most accepted method of packaging and deploying applications in cloud environments. The standardization it provides, along with its resource efficiency (when compared to full virtual machines) and flexibility, make it a great enabler of the modern DevOps mindset. Many interesting cloud native deployment, orchestration, and monitoring.

Jenkins is an open source Continuous Integration platform and is a cruial tool in DevOps Lifecycle. However, its interface is outdated and not user-friendly compared to current UI trends. Moreover, J DEBUGGING, UNIT TESTING, AND CICD. Enables debugging integration flows with a graphical or textual debugger, unit testing your integrations, and seamless CICD integration (Jenkins, Travis). FAST, PROVEN, AND BATTLE TESTED. It is the fastest integration runtime and is battle tested to scale up to process billions of transactions across thousands of deployments. Observable: Logging, Metrics and.

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AWS Documentatio AWS CodePipeline is a fully managed continuous delivery service that helps you automate your release pipelines for fast and reliable application and infrastructure updates. CodePipeline automates the build, test, and deploy phases of your release process every time there is a code change, based on the release model you define

Continuous Integration With Travis-CI, Scala, Play2 andCI/CD with GitHub, Travis CI and Heroku – codeburst6 CI/CD Tools to Build Your Next-Gen Delivery PipelineAWS Lambda를 이용한 CI/CD 기법CICD 맛보기Travis-ci를 이용한 CI/CD와 도커를 이용한 Jenkins for Android 구성하기
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